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What are the Benefits of Homeowners Insurance in Texas?

According to the 2019 nationwide survey by J.D. Power, wind, hail, fire, lightning, water damage and freezing were the leading causes of property damage in the United States. Most of these events are uncertainties that we have no control over. Of course, nobody wishes to experience any of them; but they still happen anyways. This makes home insurance a necessity that will help mitigate their potential adverse effects.

Protection for Your Home and Property:
The homeowner insurance policy, even at its basic level provides coverage against loss to your home structure and other property in it. The policy for the repair or replacement costs for perils like fire, winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, or vandalism, regardless of the severity of the damage. Apart from that, other personal belongings in the home, such as electronics, are also covered by the policy.

Protection Against Liabilities
If someone has an injury while on your property, you may be held legally responsible. In such an instance, the liability insurance aspect of your homeowner policy can pay for their medical expenses, cover your legal fees or lost wages of the affected person. 

Coverage for Living Expenses During Temporary Relocation
Some hazards can render your home uninhabitable for a while, and this might require temporary relocation while the house is being fixed. If for instance, you need to rent a place for the meantime, your Texas home insurance will cover the cost incurred for paying rent. This, however, depends on the terms and conditions agreed in your policy.

You May Need It to Process A Loan
In some banks, homeowner insurance policy is one of the major requirements for getting a home loan. While this is not compulsory by law in most states, it is fast becoming a norm among the major financiers. They see it as the best means of protecting your home against loss, which, in a way, protects their interest too. If you don’t have it, some lenders will even buy one in your name and add the costs to your charges. It is, therefore, advisable to get it yourself as it can be more expensive allowing your back to get it for you.

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How to Make the Most of Your Homeowner Insurance

Do Shop Around
Whether you are buying life insurance, auto insurance or home insurance, the number one step is to make adequate comparison and choose the one that best serves your needs and interest. While there are many homeowners insurance companies in Texas, their modes of operation vary widely. Some of the best tips include working with a trusted broker, asking friends for recommendations, and having a direct chat or phone call with the companies.

Raise Your Deductibles
The higher your deductible, the more you will save on your premium. The appropriate deductible for each property varies widely, and it is best you discuss with your financial advisor or insurance agent on how to strike a balance.

Combine Your Insurance Policies
Many insurers sell a variety of policies, ranging from life insurance, auto insurance and home insurance in Texas. If you have been dealing with a company for a while and you enjoy their services, it is best to have them as your sole provider. This may reduce the premium. However, you still need to do your homework and be sure it is not more expensive than having it in different places.

How Gonzales Insurance Group Can Get You Covered

Here at Gonzales Insurance, we are committed to providing our clients and their loved ones with the best insurance coverage in Texas. We work with the most reputable insurance companies in Texas and nationwide to ensure you get the best from your coverage. Our services include home insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance. Getting your boat insurance and other types of coverage from us today is as simple as filling out this form or by calling 210-625-8797.

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