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Car accident, theft, damages, or vandalism occurs without prior warnings. Without adequate insurance coverage, any of these circumstances can affect your financial standings and put you in debt for a long time. As a car owner, the benefits of having auto insurance far outweigh the cost of premium paid for the policy.

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage in Texas

Auto Liability Insurance

Liability simply means being legally responsible for something, either by commission or omission. It is the most common and most compulsory auto insurance type that every driver in San Antonio, TX must-have. The Texas auto insurance law requires every driver to be financially responsible, as driving without proof of auto insurance may attract a fine of $175 to $300 for a first offense. Suppose you are involved in an accident that kills or hurts someone, or cause damage to someone else’s car or other property. If you are found legally responsible for the crash, you will be required to pay for the affected people’s injuries/loss or risk legal action that may lead to conviction or jail time.

The Texas auto liability insurance requirement is popularly known as 30/60/25. It stipulates that the minimum coverage for each injured person is 30,000 for a total of $60,000 per accident and $25,000 for the affected property. Depending on the gravity of the damage caused, your San Antonio auto insurance liability will cover other driver’s lost wages, pain and suffering. It may also include car repair or replacement, medical or funeral cost. Other possible coverage includes damages awarded by court and attorney fees, the car rental for the other driver. 

Other San Antonio auto insurance coverage types we offer are:

  • Collision and Comprehensive

  • Medical payments Coverage and Personal Injury Protection

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM/UIM)

How Much Liability Insurance Is Ideal?

It is not enough to just get insured, you need to be adequately insured to be able to cover your liability conveniently. Any cost that surpasses your coverage will automatically reduce your financial responsibility. This means you will have to make out-of-pocket payments to settle them. It is therefore highly recommended that you set your auto liability above the minimum amount required by the state law. Imagine being found guilty to have caused an accident that injured two or more persons. There is the possibility that the combined medical bills of the injured will exceed the minimum requirements. Having enough coverage will help you avoid being under financial stress to meet up with the claims.

How Auto Insurance Works in Texas

Just like other branches of insurance, auto insurance in San Antonio is sold by a licensed insurer. You pay an agreed sum known as premium. In return, the company covers your financial liability in the event of an accident. Keep in mind that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Texas auto insurance underwriting. Your premium will be set proportionately to the perks offered in the contract.

If you think another driver is at fault, the Texas auto insurance law gives up to two years after an accident to settle your claim or file a lawsuit against the person. The law also protects you against delayed payment by ensuring the insurance company of the driver at fault pay promptly after a claim order has been made. Also, it is within your prerogative to either accept or reject settlement offered by other driver’s insurer.

What You Should Consider When Shopping for an Auto Insurance Policy

By just typing “auto insurance companies near me”, you get a long list of insurance carriers in San Antonio right at your fingertips. But you settle for a product, here are certain things you must take into consideration

Your Car’s Age

One of the common adages in the insurance industry is “the older, the costlier.” The same maxim applies to car insurance. Older cars are known to have higher risks of problems compared to new ones. Your vehicle depreciates with each passing day. This factor will play a role in terms of the cost and type of auto insurance you will get.

Your Car’s Dollar Value

Your car’s value will be evaluated based on the brand, market value, quality, and age. A well maintained, the high-valued car will most likely qualify for the best insurance rates, as it will be of less risk of problems.

How Frequent You Use It

A car driven less often within a short distance has a lower risk of accidents or problems than the one always driven, especially to far distances. There will be a considerable auto insurance amount difference between a car driven for just 100 miles a month with the one completing up to 1,000 or more. You may opt for less expensive mileage-based insurance if you drive less often.

Your Neighborhood and Where You Park the Car

Do you live in a neighborhood known for car theft and/or vandalism? Do you park your car on the street in an urban area? These and other similar factors will subject your vehicle to a higher risk. In such cases, you may need a more comprehensive coverage than someone in a more secure environment.

Gonzales Insurance Group Can Get You Covered

Buying and making the most of auto insurance in San Antonio, TX, can sometimes be challenging. A whole lot could go wrong in the process if you don’t have the deep knowledge of the industry. This is where Gonzales Insurance Group comes in.

We are that very San Antonio auto insurance agency near you. We work with the best insurance careers in the U.S. to get our clients adequate coverage. Regardless of your car’s age, value, or frequency of use, you can surely count on us for quality, yet cheap auto insurance quotes. To get reliable coverage for your car today, simply fill out this free quote form or call 210-625-8797.